Wazifa for Dushman Ki Barbadi – Dua For Protection From Harm

Wazifa for Dushman Ki Barbadi

Wazifa for Dushman Ki Barbadi

If your enemy deliberately harms you and causes trouble for you in business, then recite dua and wazifa for protection from harm. The dua for protection from harm is very strong and effective and will change your enemy’s thinking. And, Insha Allah, in the coming future, he will never think of harming you in any way. If your enemy is jealous because you are flourishing or he wants to give you loss in your business and he is spreading all sorts of false rumors about you amongst your clients, then practice dua for protection from harm. Surely, all his attempts to destroy your repute will fail and he will end up causing harm to himself.

If you think your enemy has done sifli amal on you, your life and work and he wants to kill you, then the best thing is that you destroy him too. Recite wazifa for dushman ki barbadi and destroy him completely. The dua will not just protect you from his satanic act but also destroy him and prevent him from doing any such thing to you in the future. After his destruction, he will have no power in front of you. Wazifa for dushman ki barbadi is the best way to secure yourself from all the bad deeds of your foe.

Dua For Protection from Harm

Your enemies may try to harm you in some or the other way. Even if you part your ways and do not like to stand in between them, they may find ways to hurt you. Thus, it is very important to seek refuge in the light of Allah Talah and free yourself from this curse. The dua for protection from harm of enemy is a blessing from Allah Rabbul

Dua For Protection From Harm

Alimeen to those who are suffering at the hands of their enemies. The dua will not allow your enemy to cause any trouble to you and will make you live your life peacefully.

Wazifa for Protection From Enemy

You can acquire the wazifa for dushman ki barbadi from our Molvi Abdul Rihab Ji. But only practice it, if your enemy is not ready to end this enmity and is constantly harming you. Wazifa for protection from enemy will reverse his malicious efforts to harm you and punish him for doing wrong to you. The wazifa will keep you secure from all his harms and hurt and secure your health, wealth, relationships and life from getting effected in anyway.

Recite Surah Kausar to seek protection from your enemies 101 times daily between the namaz of Asr and Maghrib. Think of your enemy and pray to Allah Talah to protect you from him. Insha Allah, all his attempts to hurt you will fall flat on the ground.

You can also recite this dua as many times as you can all through the day to seek protection from your enemy

Has BunalLaahoWa Ni’ Mal Vakeel

Have firm faith in Allah Talah and wazifa for protection from enemy and Insha Allah, you will get desired results in just a short time period. Make sure you perform this dua with the intentions of your safety and not to harm your enemy.

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