Amal, Wazifa And Dua To Control Anger of wife

Wazifa To Control Anger Of Wife

Dua To Control Anger Of Wife

Very often some husbands suffer at the hands of their wives. They literally bear the short temper and furious nature of their wife. Well, if you also have a rude and angry wife, then it surely takes a lot to tackle it. However, you can definitely ease your situation by reciting the dua to control anger of wife. The dua to control anger of wife is very powerful and will show you instant results. You will notice that the anger of wife will end up with time and very soon she will behave normally with you. She will not shout at you or be rude towards you.

Wazifa To Control Anger Of Wife

Islam doesn’t give women the power to be angry on her husband. However, some women fail to understand this and end up scolding and dominating their husbands. Well, some men do leave such wives in anger and frustration, while others try to mend the relationship. You shouldn’t give up on your wife and rather try to bring a control on their anger. You can recite the wazifa to control anger of wife. With the help of wazifa and dua to control anger of wife, you will change the heart and behavior of your wife. Your wife will act well and won’t possess the dominating and angry nature anymore.

Amal To Control Anger Of Wife

Anger gives rise to other feelings like envy, jealousy, hatred and anxiety. It could hamper the health and mind of your wife. If you really care for the well-being of your wife and want her to recover and escape this satanic act, then you should definitely perform amal to control anger of wife. The amal along with the dua to control anger of wife will limit her anger and will stop her from getting furious on petty little things. It will develop patience and calmness in her and she will no longer be dominated by her anger anymore.

Dua To Control Anger Of Wife

It is embarrassing to see a rash and rude behavior of your wife in front of the others. Often husbands divorce their wife because of it. However, if you genuinely love your wife, then you should try your best to make her normal. Perform this amal and dua to control anger of wife and see the difference it creates in her. She will definitely become a good and well-behaved wife for you.

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The procedure of dua to control the anger of wife is mentioned below:

  • Surah Al-Baqarah Verse 153 “Ya Ayyuhal azeena Amanu Astaeenu Bissabri Wassalati Innalaaha Ma’ Assabireen”
  • Recite this dua 100 times daily after the obligatory prayer of the noon.
  • Blow it in a glass of water and make your wife drink the water.
  • Pray to Allah (SWT) to give patience and calmness to your wife and to get rid of her anger.
  • In Sha Allah, very soon you will see that the temper of your wife will become stable. She will behave fine with you and everyone else.
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