Wazifa and Dua For Good Health and Long Life

Dua For Good Health and Long Life

Dua For Good Health

Good health is something which rich as well as poor desires. No matter what your age is, what your financial status is, you always wish for good health and long life. You do your best to avoid all types of deadly diseases and health hazards. You go across the world for the betterment of your health. However, if you seek refuge in the light of Allah (SUBHAN WAA TAALAH), you will never get hit by any illness and will be in the best of your health all your life. The dua for good health will keep you in the best form all your life.

Often people fall victim to terminal illness and deadly diseases which are life threatening which are incurable but when you recite the wazifa for good health, you will see that your body will start healing slowly and very gradually, you’ll escape the trap of the disease. Believe, me where medical science gets hopeless, the Quran prayer show miraculous results. Recite the wazifa for good health continuously till the time you are completely cured and you will see that the disease will never strike back again.

Dua for Long Life

A lot of people desire to live a long life and pray to Allah (SUBHAN WAA TAALAH) daily for their long life. If you have your loved one and you want them to stay with you for the long term, then you should perform the dua for long life. The dua for long life will help you add more days to their life. It is said that prayers can change your fate. So, if you pray for their long life, Allah (SUBHAN WAA TAALAH) will bestow you with it. Have complete faith in the dua for good health and perform it with full dedication. It is a boon in disguise and will help you and your dear ones live a healthier and longer life.

Dua For Good Health

The wazifa for long life heals your complete ailment and doesn’t leave any sign of diseases behind. It offers you a healthy and long life. The wazifa for long life is very effective and brings quick results. When you recite it, Allah Talaah will reward you with a healthy body and mind. You should consult the astrologer to get instant help in this matter. Remember, health is a very sensitive issue and thus you should consult an Islamic specialist instantly. Share your exact problem and they will guide you with the best possible solution.

Wazifa for Good Health and Long Life

The procedure of doing wazifa for good health and long life is stated below –

  • Recite this dua for good health after the morning prayer of the day.
  • Perform the amal daily, till you or your closed one gets completely cured.
  • Recite this dua 40 times “Azahibialbah`sara Banaasiishh Fihiwahanta Shashaafiilaah Shifa a illa, Shifaokashi Faoonlaayugha Dirusaqaama”.
  • Blow it in a glass of water and drink it or give it to the person who is ill
  • In sha Allah, he/ she will heal with time and will have a long life to live.

If you do it all your life, you will age healthily and will never encounter any bad disease or illness.

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