Wazifa and Dua For Beautiful Face Or Body

Dua For Beautiful Face and Body

Every girl wants a good face and body and the desire isn’t just limited to girls but boys too. Who wouldn’t wish for a beautiful face and body!! However, not everyone has it but you do not have to be upset about it. Whatever Allah (SUBHAN WAA TAALAH) has bestowed you with, is certainly the best! However, if you wish to enhance your look and face, then you should recite the dua for beautiful face and body. The dua for beautiful face and body will help you get a beautiful face and nice physique which will attract everyone.

Dua For Beautiful Face And Body

Often women after their marriage want their husbands to madly love them for their appearance and look and they pray to Allah (SUBHAN WAA TAALAH) for a good face and attractive body. They want to make their husband love them for their physical appearance and the best way to give your face a radiating look and glow is to recite the wazifa for beautiful face and body. The wazifa is the perfect remedy to get a gorgeous looking face and an amazing body. You will be astounded to see yourself in the mirror.

Wazifa For Beautiful Face

A large number of people look out for a solution to enhance their facial beauty. Even after using so many market and beauty enhancement products, you do not get the look that you desire. When you perform the wazifa for beautiful face, then you see that along with the makeup tips, you get the noor and light of the Almighty on your face. Your face starts glowing and you get the most beautiful look. Nothing and no one can take it from you. Whether you’re doing it for your husband, boyfriend or just for yourself, you should perform this wazifa for beautiful face seriously to get the desired results.

A good face is well loved by everyone. If you have been taunted by a lot of people for your poor looks or heavy body, then you should contact the Islamic astrologer instantly to get help in this regard. Apart from doing the natural treatment course, you should follow the astrologer’s advice too. It will enlighten your face with glam and beauty and will enhance your figure.

Wazifa For Beautiful Body

Wazifa For Beautiful Face and Body

The wazifa for beautiful body is given below –       

  • Recite this verse 111 times for 11 days

Huwal Lahol Lazi La Ilaha Illa Hual Malikul Kuddusus Salamol Muminol Muhaimunul Azizul Jabbarol Mutakabbero Subhanal Lahi Amma Ushrikun. Hual Lahol Khalikul Bariul Musawwarol Lahul Asmaol Husna Usabbahu Lahu Ma Fis Samawati Wal Arzi Wahuwal Azizul Hakeem

  • After doing it for 11 days.
  • Take some oranges and peel off their skin and dry them.
  • Dry till all the moisture evaporates
  • Crush them in powder
  • And recite the verses in the stated manner:
  • Durood Shareef 11 times
  • Surah Fatiha 7 times
  • The verse mentioned above 300 times
  • Surah Falaq 11 times
  • Durood Shareef 11 times.
  • Blow it on the powder and use it on your face for 21 days.

You will see a new glow on your face. In sha Allah, you’ll be very attractive.

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