How To Do Salat Istikhara Dua For Divorce – Salatul Istikhara For Divorce

Salat Istikhara dua for divorce

It is not easy to leave a person whom you promised to spend your entire life with. Filling a divorce is difficult but more difficult is to let go that person easily from your life. It is the toughest decision of life. But however, due to some circumstances you have no option left but to leave that person. In such cases you can always seek help from Quran Shareef for taking this decision. It has the solution for all your problems. You can perform the Salat istikhara dua for divorce to know whether your decision for taking divorce with your partner is right for you or not.

Salat Istikhara Dua For Divorce

Taking a divorce is a life turning decision. It not just involves the couple but the whole family is involved including the children. The children suffer humiliation from other people and are deprived of parental love throughout their lives. In such cases the wife is in dilemma whether to give divorce or stay with that person for the remaining life. At the one hand she has to think about the children and on the other hand she is living a disturbed life. This is the high time where she should take a final decision. However, you need not worry because with this istikhara dua for divorce you will be able to reach a conclusion for your problem.

Strong  Istikhara Dua For Divorce

The istikhara dua holds strength from Allah (swt) and has answers for all your problems. Before performing strong istikhara dua for divorce you need to have strong faith in Allah (swt). Insha Allah whatever the final result will come it will be good for you. However, there are certain rules which you have to follow to make the istikhara dua for divorce work for you. One should perform the obligatory prayers and do good deeds like donation, charity etc. One must not speak lies or intend to harm someone.

How To Do Salatul Istikhara Dua For Divorce

Istikhara dua for divorce

It is easy to perform the salatul istikhara dua for divorce however you must perform the Istikhara dua for divorce in the right way. You must perform two rakat namaz for salat al istikhara for divorce. Firstly recite Surah Fatiha and Surah Kafiroon. Recite Surah Fatiha and Surah Ikhlaas in the second rakat. After this recite Istkhara dua for divorce. Imagine about your partner during the recitation of istikhara dua for divorce. After reciting both the rakats think about your partner whom you are going to give divorce. After this you can go to sleep. You will be able to see the indication in your dreams whether you should continue the relationship or end it.

With the help of this powerful istikhara dua for divorce, you will be able to come to the correct resolution. However you must perform the dua istikhara for divorce under the guidance of a specialist who will guide you with the right way on how to do the salatul istikhara dua for divorce.

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