Istikhara For Husband’s Health, Job or Business Future

Istikhara for Husband's Job

Istikhara For Husband Health

It is painful to see your shohar suffering from any ailment and crying with pain and agony. If your husband continuously falls ill and not getting well then you can seek help from Quran Shareef. The Istikhara dua for husband health is very strong and will help him get better and improve his health. The Istikhara dua can be done by wife on behalf of their husband if the husband is not fit to perform the dua. You can perform the istikhara dua for husband health for your husband’s good health and long life.

Istikhara for Husband’s Job or Business

If your husband is experiencing losses and failures in business then you can do sajda in front of the creator Allah (swt). He will surely listen to your prayers and get your husband out of trouble soon. There are instances when your husband is well qualified but isn’t getting promotion or success and sees failure all the time. In such cases you can recite the istikhara dua for husband business and ensure his success soon. Your husband will surely get success in any venture or project that he undertakes.

If your husband has tried everywhere but still faces rejections in job interviews then you can recite the istikhara for husband job. The istikhara for husband job is very strong and effective in finding a suitable and better job for your husband. If your shohar is already working then the Salatul Istikhara dua can increase the chances of promotion in job and provide the ladder of success.

Istikhara For Husband Future

Istikhara For Husband Health

You can perform the Istikhara for husband future which is given below:

“Allah hummaa innnee assallukka sihhatan fi emaan”

Recite the dua daily for husband’s success and prosperity. Take the name of your husband along with it.

Keep repeating the Istikhara dua

“Nisayi Hakim” (Aye Allah swt, I request you to fulfill my desires).

As a caring wife, you can’t see your husband in trouble especially if your husband is facing any health issues. It disrupts the whole functioning of the work and family life. You must perform the fajr namaz on time. The Istikhara for future, health and business is available in Urdu as well as Hindi. However it is advisable to perform the Istikhara for future of husband or shohar after consultation with an Islamic expert. The Islamic expert will guide you with the best possible way of performing the Istikhara.

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