Islamic Wazifa and Dua For Beautiful Eyes

dua for beautiful eyes

Powerful Dua For Beautiful Eyes

Everyone desires to have beautiful and big eyes but not all are blessed with one. However, you can surely make your eyes attractive and beautiful.  And remember you do not have to undergo any surgery or makeup treatment for it. You just need to have faith in Allah (SUBHAN WAA TAALAH) and recite the powerful dua for beautiful eyes. When you recite the Islamic dua for beautiful eyes, Allah (SUBHAN WAA TAALAH) will bless you with appealing and amazing eyes. Everyone will love your eyes and all the shortcomings of your eyes will vanish.

A wife wants to get the maximum attention of her husband. If you wish to attract your husband towards you, then you definitely need to have beautiful and dazzling eyes. Whenever he will look at you, he will be dazzled by your beautiful eyes. He will never look out for another woman in his life. You need to put asfahani surma and recite the wazifa for beautiful eyes. This wazifa will help you get beautiful eyes and then you will attract your husband in every possible way. The wazifa for beautiful eyes is very effective and gives you gorgeously beautiful eyes. You will have an appealing look.

Wazifa For Beautiful Eyes

Often people have little defect in their eyes. If you have slight shortcomings in your eyes, then the Islamic dua for beautiful eyes will help you get rid of all such defects. Your eyes will become beautiful and normal like everyone. All the problems related to your eyes will end. The surma prepared with the amal will wipe out all the problems of your eyes and make it glowing and radiating. You should speak to the Islamic astrologer to find out the correct procedure to make the surma and to recite the wazifa. The combination of both will give your eyes a magical appearance.


Islamic Dua For Beautiful Eyes

The procedure to make kajal is given below –

  • You need jasmine oil, lamp, cotton, lighter and surma.
  • Put oil in a lamp wrapped with cotton.
  • Light the lamp and get surma from it.
  • Mix it with top quality surma.
  • Make fresh ablution and sit in a clean place.
  • Once the kajal is made, recite this verse 41 times and blow it on the kajal
  • “Innahu Min Sulaimana WaInnahu Bis Millahir Rehmanir Raheem”
  • Recite this wazifa for 40 days at the same place and same time daily.
  • Once you’re done use this kajal daily before going to sleep.
  • You can use it like normal kajal.
  • It will make your eyes beautiful with every passing day.

Note : Women should not perform this wazifa during their mensus.

The wazifa is very serious and shouldn’t be used for fun. Have complete faith in this amal and do it to give your eyes an attractive and appealing look. You will love your eyes after a time span of 40 days. Do not worry. The amal doesn’t have any side effect and your eyes will not suffer in any way. The surma is also 100% natural and will not cause any harm to your eyes. So, just perform the amal and see the difference it makes to your eyes.


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