Dua To Marry Someone You Love When Parents are Objecting

Dua To Marry Someone You Love

Dua To Marry Someone You Love But Parents Are Obejecting

Loving someone and choosing to spend your life with them is an easy decision to take but difficult to implement. You find your perfect mate and you both wish to marry each other but for your parents it’s not a perfect match. They are not happy with your choice. You find extremely hard to convince your parents. You fail to express with your parents about your love or how much you love your partner. Not just the parents there are a lot many factors which come along the path of marriage like financial crisis, responsibilities, objection from society especially when the marriage is an inter caste one. Whatever the kind of problem you are facing you can surely marry the person of your choice with the help of the dua to marry someone you love but parents are objecting.

If you love someone and wish to marry them but are facing any kind of objection from your parents then this dua can serve your purpose. The dua to marry someone you love will be helpful in getting the approval and acceptance of your parents without any hassles. You will be able to convince your parents easily with the help of the dua to marry someone you love but parents are objecting. There are instances when your lover is delaying the marriage due to some issues like responsibilities, financial troubles or he wants some time from you. But you can also convince him or her in marrying you soon with the help of the dua to marry someone you love.

Strong Dua To Marry Someone You Love To Overcome Parents Objection

Powerful Dua to Marry

The dua to marry someone you love is very strong and effective in making you marry the love of your choice. Your parents will not object instead will get convinced and prepare for your big day. You must place utmost respect and trust in Allah(swt) before reciting the strong dua to make someone you love. Insha Allah you will soon get their hand for marriage.

You can recite the below given powerful dua to marry someone you love:

“Rabbi inne lima anzalta ilayya min khayrin faqeerun”

My Lord! Truly I’m really in need of whatever goes good which you bestow on me!

Recite the Dua for 100 times in a day and it shall be carried until you get the hand for marriage.

Powerful Dua to Marry The One You Love

The below given powerful dua to marry the one you love can be recited by females

Recite Surah Dhuha (Surah 93) for 11 times before zenith.

“Waaldduha, Waallayli itha saja. Ma waddaAAka rabbuka wama qala. Walalakhiratu Khayrun laka mina aloola. Walasawafa yuAAteeka rabbuka fatarda. Alam yajidka yateeman faawa. Wawajadaka dallan fahada. Wawajadaka AAailan faaghna. Faamma alyateema fala taqhar. Waamma alssaila fala tanhar. Waamma biniAAmati rabbika fahaddith.”

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