Dua For Skin Whitening and Dua To Get Noor on Face

Dua For Clear Skin Whitening Face

Dua For Skin Whitening

A lot of girls are worried because their skin complexion is dark. If you want to get fair and you wish to have clear and attractive skin like the other girls, then you should recite dua for skin whitening. The dua for skin whitening will make your skin fairer and more appealing. If you think that because of your dark complexion, you may not get nice marriage proposals for you, then recite dua for skin whitening. Insha Allah, your skin will get better with every passing day.

Dua To Get Noor on Face

Skin problems can affect you at any age. Thus, it is very important to keep yourself protected from this uneasiness. No matter, what skin problem it is, whether it is your complexion or problem of pimples or any skin infection, it lowers your self-confidence. Any problem with your skin has a direct impact on your life. If you are a Muslim, then you should practice dua for clear face and dua for skin whitening to get rid of all your skin problems. Insha Allah, with the help of this dua for skin whitening your face, will become pimple-free and you will have smooth skin.

Dua For Clear Face

If your face has a lot of marks and acne and you are tired of doing cures and medications for it, then do not give up. Practice dua for clear face and Insha Allah, with the blessings of Allah Talah, you will get spot-free skin. The dua for clear face will reduce your pimples and with time they will vanish. However, make sure that you perform the dua with a clear intention and purity in your heart.

Dua To Get Noor on Face

Sometimes, all you need is a little noor on your face to make your face glowing. Recite dua to get noor on the face and you will see that you will have the perfect glow on you. Going for artificial makeup is not a good idea. It damages your skin in the end. Practice dua to get noor on the face to make your face spot-free, glowing and beautiful. Insha Allah, you will not need any artificial makeup for you and your face will look very beautiful even without any makeup. You can get the dua to get noor on face from our Molvi Saab. Tell him about your skin problem and Insha Allah, he will guide you with the best possible remedy. Very soon all your skin woes will end.

Dua For Attractive Face in Islam

Dua for an attractive face is given below:

Recite this ayat daily once and then blow it on your palm and rub it all over your face.

WaAmmalLadheenabYazzat Wu Ju Hu Hum Fa Fi RahmatilLaahi Hum FihaKhalidoon

If you want noor on your face, then recite this beautiful name of Allah Talah to get the glow and beauty on your face.

Ya Nooro

Insha Allah, all your skin troubles will end and there will no problem of acne, pimples, skin infection or pigmentation anymore. Do not lose hope if your face is not attractive. Dua for attractive face will bring noor and glow to your face. However, remember not to your show off your face and do any anti-Islamic deeds.

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