Dua For Safety In Pregnancy – Dua For Normal Delivery

Dua For Safety In Pregnancy

Dua For Safety In Pregnancy

Dua For Normal Delivery

A woman can do anything for the security of her child. And, her very concern begins from the day she gets to know about her pregnancy. Yes. She prays for the safety of her child and wants to keep him/ her secure from all the threats and bad things of the world. If you are pregnant, then you should pray to Allah Talah for the security of your child by reciting dua for safety in pregnancy. The dua will keep your child secure in your womb. You shall be away from all the issues of miscarriage.

Often pregnant ladies are bound to get affected by evil eyes. Often the child suffers a lot because of evil eyes. If you think that you have been affected by evil eyes or black magic, then you should immediately recite dua for safety in pregnancy. The dua will preserve your baby from all the bad and evil things of the world and Insha Allah, keep him/her secure till delivery. A lot of women are scared of their delivery. They are afraid to go for a cesarean. If you also fear that you may not have a normal delivery, then dua for normal delivery is just the right remedy for you.

Dua For Normal Delivery

The dua will help you live a normal pregnancy life and once your tenure is over, Insha Allah, you will have a normal delivery. The dua for normal delivery wipes out the chances of C-section. It cuts down all the risks involved in your pregnancy and makes you and your baby healthy. All in all, dua for normal delivery prepares your body to bear the labor pain and deliver a healthy child. Being a mother, you are bound to be scared whether you will be able to perform the delivery in the right way or not.

Duas For Easy Delivery


But surely Allah Talah can ease the worst of the situations for you. Just practice dua for easy delivery and the Almighty will ease this pain for you. As per science, the delivery of a child and labor pain is the most painful thing in the world. It is like fracturing 100s of your bones. So, it is very important that you recite dua for easy delivery to normalize the situation for you. You can get the duas for easy delivery from our molvi sb. Recite it in the 9th month of your pregnancy.

Duas For Easy Delivery

Dua for safety in pregnancy is given below as :

Rabbi InniNatharTuLaka Ma Fee batneeMuharraran Fata QabbalMinniInnakaAntasSaamee u Almeeu

The dua is for all those pregnant women who desire the safety of their child. You should practice this dua from the 5th month of your pregnancy and continue it till the last day.

Don’t be worried. Indeed, Allah Talah is guiding light above us all and He will protect your child. Be cautious during your pregnancy and don’t do anything which may affect your child in a bad way. Practice Quran Shareef as much as you can, for your child can listen to you after the 4th month.

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