Dua For Protection From Enemies – Dua To Protect From Enemy


Dua For Protection From Enemies

Everything seems impossible to achieve especially if you have enemies in your way who try to harm you.  Your enemies could be your colleagues, friends or even your closed relatives. You are unaware of their evil intentions. It is therefore important to seek protection from your enemies for your family. Your enemies are the ones who try to harm you or put you down in every possible way. You are growing tired day by day of your enemy’s activities. But you need not lose hope as you can recite the dua for protection from enemies.

You are constantly troubled by your enemies. Your enemy criticizes you or insults you in front of everyone. He has made your life difficult to survive. Then dua for protection from enemies will help you out. You feel emotionally and mentally depressed and helpless at the same time. Your enemy has made it difficult for you to focus on your work and family life. In such situations also dua for protection from enemies is very useful.

You have become stressed out and tried several ways to win over your enemies but have suffered a huge defeat. Your enemy is growing powerful day by day and trying every sort to put you down. If your enemies are practicing black magic on you then it is high time you take preventive measures to protect yourself. You can recite the strong dua for protection from enemies to save yourself from such evil intentions of your enemies.

Powerful Dua For Protection From Enemy

The dua for protection from enemy is very strong and powerful in defeating your enemies and making them physically and mentally incapable. They will not be able to attack you or cause you any harm. You can recite the powerful dua for protection from enemy and see the results. Before reciting the dua for protection from enemy you need to have strong faith in Allah (SWT). Insha Allah you will be safeguarded from your enemies.

By reciting the rohani dua for protection from enemies you can easily win over your opponents. Insha Allah nobody would trouble you again and you can live your life happily and peacefully. If you want to know the process of reciting the rohani dua for protection from enemy in detail you can consult our Islamic Molvi Saheb. He will tell you the right way of reciting the wazifa and dua for protection from enemy.

Dua To Protect From Enemy In Urdu

Dua for protection from enemy

You can recite the following dua to protect from enemy in Urdu:

Recite Surah 58 Al Mujadila after reciting Fajr salat

Recite Dua’a 135 for 100 times daily.


You must recite Surah Baqarah for dua to protect from enemy to ward off the evil effects done upon you by your enemies.

Recite Dua’a 138 for 500 times in 3 days.


You can recite the dua to protect from enemy 139 times and pray two rakat salam and after this recite verse 10 of Al Qamar for 100 times.


Dua’a 140 -Imam Musa bin Jafar Al Kazim said

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