Wazifa For Baby Health – Dua For Child Not Eating

Dua For Child Not Eating

Wazifa For Baby Health

Kids are very prone to evil eyes and black magic. A number of your times, your child become the victim of someone’s jealousy or bad eyes. And, the very first sign is that they give up eating. If the baby is very small, he/ she will stop drinking milk. You may not be able to find out. You should recite the wazifa for baby health and instantly blow it on them. The wazifa for baby health will safeguard your baby from evil eyes and any sort of black magic. A lot of times, people get jealous after seeing your happiness and prosperity and they do black magic on your small baby. They literally don’t care about the hard effect it will have on your baby.

For a baby or toddler, it is very important to consume sufficient diet. The milk of the mother and cerelac diet helps to give them nourishment and health. However, sometimes, the baby stops eating. It may be because of various reasons like health issues or evil eyes.  Well, if your baby has suddenly stopped eating and you cannot find the real problem behind it, then you should instantly recite the dua for child not eating. The dua for child not eating will help your child revive with the problem and make him eat food normally like before. Along with the medication, it will yield better results.

Dua For Child Not Eating

In order to preserve your baby from the bad eyes of such people, you should get taweez for baby health. The taweez works as a security against such evil stuff and protects your baby from all sorts of satanic acts and evil deeds. No harm will be caused to your baby by means of any magic spell and your baby will be hale and hearty. You should instantly speak to the astrologer and get the taweez for your baby. It is the best remedy to protect your baby.

Wazifa for Baby Health

If your baby has suddenly stopped drinking mother’s milk and you cannot find any reason behind it, then you should seek instant help from the astrologer. The astrologer will help you find the real reason of this act. Have complete faith in the amal and do as the astrologer suggests you to. Your baby will heal in a few days.

Often kids do not realize when they get affected by the evil eyes of the people around them, thus it is important to keep them secured and in the refuge of Allah (SWT).

Wazifa For Child Not Eating in Islam

The wazifa for child not eating is given below –

  • Make ablution
  • Recite Durood Ibrahim 11 times.
  • After that recite “Ya Mateenu” 500 times
  • Recite Durood Shareef 11 times
  • Blow it on your baby.
  • Continue this process for 21 days.
  • In sha Allah, your baby will come back to his normal self. He/ she will start eating normally and get healthy like before.

Do not be upset. Often parents get extra conscious when it comes to their child. But remember you need to be cautious and alert. Go for proper medication, perform wazifa for baby health and get immediate help from the astrologer too.

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